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Q: I filed an extension, why do I still have to pay before the April deadline?

   A: When the extension is filed, it is extending the filing of the tax return.  The I.R.S. does not give you additional time to pay your taxes.  If your tax bill is not paid by the April deadline, late payment penalties will be added to your bill.  Only late filing penalties are waived if you file an extension.

Q: Does my dependent child have to file a tax return?

   A: Your dependent must make a certain amount in order to have a filing requirement.  This usually is $3,500.00 for the year.  However, it your dependent had federal and/or state taxes withheld from their check, they may wish to file a return to hopefully receive a refund on any of the taxes paid.

Q: My child went away to college can I still claim them?

   A: If your dependent is under 24 years old and at least a half-time student, you can still claim your child as a dependent, as well as claim the education credits also.  If your child is also filling their own tax return, explain they must mark their return that they are being claimed.  For a $35.00 fee, our office can prepare your dependent's return to make sure all boxes are checked correctly so there are no filing issues.

Q: I owe tax payments, where and how do I pay?

   A: Federal payments: Online-go to; by mail- send them to P.O. Box 7704, San Francisco, CA 94120-7704 (California residents).

State (California): Online-go to FTB.CA.GOV; by mail-send them to P.O. Box 942867, Sacramento, CA 94267-0001

For other states, please check with your State Department of Revenue for the information.

Q: I received a Notice from either the I.R.S. or a state agency, what do I do?

   A: First, our office does not receive these Notices.  Please immediately send us a copy of the Notice you received, either pay mail, email, or fax.  We will review the Notice to check to see if the information on the Notice is correct.  Second, once we establish why you received the Notice, we will advise you the best way to handle the situation.

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