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*Unless a deadline is quickly approaching, all amended tax returns and IRS/State Audit letters will not be completed before May 1st *

  1. Individual, Partnership, and Corporate Tax Returns

  2. Paper Returns for some Prior Tax Years

  3. Electronic Returns for Current Tax Year and some Prior Tax Years

  4. Sales Tax Reports (Quarterly or Annual)

  5. IRS/State Audit Letters for all Years

  6. Extensions​ for Current Tax Years

  7. Telephone and Office Consultations Available


Tax Returns

Dependent Return------------------------------$35.00 and up depending upon attachments

1040 (without Schedule A)-------------------$95.00 to $175.00 depending upon attachments
1040 (with Schedule A)------------------------$235.00

1040 (with Schedule A and D)--------------$250.00 plus $5.00 per each additional stack transaction page

1040 (with Schedule A and C or E or F)-$265.00

Partnership/Corporate------------------------$325.00 and up depending upon attachments

Sole Proprietor LLC (with Schedule A)--$250.00 and up


If I am fault -----------------------------------------No charge

If I do the original return----------------------$75.00 and up depending upon attachments

If I do not do the original return------------$300.00 and up depending upon attachments


Tax Returns----------------------------------------$35.00 Picked up/Emailed   $40.00 Faxed   $50.00 Mailed

W-2's-------------------------------------------------$10.00 Picked up/Emailed   $20.00 Faxed   $25.00 Mailed

NSF Check/Chargeback Fees--------------------$25.00

Consults--------------------------------------------------$50.00 for 30  minutes

Bookkeeping/Accounting--------------------------$50.00 for 1 hour


Letter Response up to 3 documents

attached--------------------------------------------$75.00 (fees increase depending upon documents attached)

Face-to-Face Audit-----------------------------$750.00 plus $50.00 travel fee

(Since I am a Registered Tax Preparer, I cannot represent in Tax Court)

**Prices vary depending upon services provided**

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